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Court Marriage is Lawvisions Modern service, through which we provide nikah facility to our clients, even if they are at their home. Shadi / Nikah Online is just like Court / Ordinay Marriage. It is Shari and Legal in all respects if it is done by Lawvision. Nikah will be registered according to the Pakistan Islamic Laws. unique opportuniy for Muslims if they want got married. Your Competant Lawyer for Court Marriage accrding to Muslim Family Laws/ Muslim Personal Law. When Nikah is Registered during Court Marriage even when it is done on phone or on Internet, it just like arranged marriage. No difference. Court Marriage through Nikah Online is very much Possible now for Pakistani Couples. We'll demand for some Documents and Phone Number of both sides, Our Nikah Khawan will get permission From Girl after varification of her Ideantity on Phone, Then he'll dial the phone number of the Boy and will Reciet Nikah to him. Then our Nikah registerar will fill up the Nikah Namas and will Send the Same to Both of them through a special messanger, after signatures of both the parties and their Wittnesses We'll arrange Registration of Nikah, Two parts of Nikah will be handed over to the both Parties. After registration there will be no difference between the Usual Nikah and Nikah / Court Marriage On-Line. It will be Legal and Complete in all respects.

Nikah Online

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Telephonic Nikah Made easy, Experienced Lawyers

Lawyer Online Specialised Lawyer services Tailored for Pakistani Muslims living Abroad We may represent you and provide Legal Consultancy and Solution in your legal Issues or Disputes Law vision (Pakistan) is a Prestigious Lawyers Firm a Pvt. Ltd. Company incorporated … Continue reading

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Court Marriage Nikah on Phone

 Lawvision (Pakistan) Cell: 03024077416 We provide Nikah facility to our clients, even if they are at their home. Though We may done all in our office too. You have only to contact us. And provide the following Documents Scanned … Continue reading

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